Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Flat Rate
Base commission $20.00

What's in it for YOU?

* 50% OFF your very own rev'pod™ (if you're accepted!)
* A $20 flat commission for every sale made with your link/promo code
* A personalized $20 OFF code to promote to your followers
* Professional banners and artwork to use on your website/social media

Sound interesting? Read on...

What are the requirements to become a rev'pod™ Brand Advocate?

You must be passionate about rev'pod™.
You must be active on social media.
You must be at least 18 years old.

How does it work?

Traveling on long flights usually sucks.  It's cold, uncomfortable, gross and germy (ew!)... rev'pod™ is designed with lots of travel-savvy features to make flying much more cozy + enjoyable.  We are dedicated to creating game-changing Travel + Loungewear for people who want to break the mold and find breakthrough products. rev'pod™ is the perfect solution flying around the world, or simply relaxing and lounging around the house. For every rev'pod™ we sell, we plant a tree via our partners at Our goal plant 100,000 trees by 2020. As an Advocate, you are an essential part of the movement to reach this goal!

Being a rev'pod™ Advocate is all about using social media to spread awareness in a sincere, honest, and ethical way. As an Advocate, you will get a unique personalized coupon code that can be used on to get $20 OFF EVERY ORDER for yourself, your family, friends, and followers. The discount is value for your fans and they will love you more for it! Advocates are all about celebrating the products rev'pod™ makes and giving feedback. If you love travel, trying new things and being a trendsetter then rev'pod™ is the perfect brand for you to represent.

We believe in you! We want you to get out there, get great photos, and have fun! And, we want to reward you for it. In addition to the $20 OFF CODE, YOU WILL GET PAID $20 for every order generated by your link -or- your promo code (excluding shipping + taxes)! This money will be deposited to your PayPal account at the beginning of every month based on any orders that came through with your code.

Can I really get paid for helping rev'pod™?

Yes! We might not be accepting new Advocates forever. So please, apply today. We review applications every month. If approved, we will send you a welcome email with more info on how to get started!!!

* Note: You must only promote your coupon code through your own media channels, or in person. If your coupon code is found on any mass distribution coupon sites, those commissions will not be approved.

What are the Commission terms I need to know?

1. Commission will be paid to Advocates via PayPal on the 1st of each month.
2. We track a 30 day cookie — So you get credit for any orders within 30 days of the original click placed by the customer.. YAY!!
3. Commissions will only be paid once a sale is deemed FINAL (i.e. after the 30-day return window has past).  If the customer returns their product in the 30-day window then no commission will be paid out.

Who is my contact at rev'pod™ for questions?

[email protected]

BEFORE APPLYING, please click on and read all of the Program Terms & Policies below.



About Our Program

The rev'pod™ Advocate Program offers you:

* A $20.00 commission on every finalized sale
* Your own personalized $20 OFF coupon code to promote to your audience
* A 50% off single use promo code for you to buy your own rev'pod™
* A FULL 30-day look-back for qualifying sales (awesome!)
* Creative banners and artwork for you to use to promote rev'pod™

Getting Started
Participating in the rev'pod™ Advocate Program is easy! Click "Join Now" and register.

After you complete the online application on the registration page, rev'pod™ will provide email approval through the Refersion network within 48 hours. If you are approved, you will access your account and begin selecting links you wish to display on your website.

Visitors access rev'pod™ products through links and banners placed on your site. Customers are tagged with a cookie to signify a referral from your site. When orders are placed within 30-days of the referral, your account is credited for a $20 commission.

Or, if you choose to promote your personalized $20 OFF promo code, we track those sales as well.  If your code is ever used for a finalized sale we will credit you $20 for it.

Commission Fees
rev'pod™ Advocates earn a standard commission rate of $20 for all sales. We reserve the right to reverse commissions due to returns, order cancellations and erroneous order duplications. We also reserve the right to defer or refuse commissions for disputed orders or orders we reject and cannot fulfill.

Legal Compliance

All affiliates must comply with all federal, state and local regulations within your jurisdiction. This includes applicable governing marketing emails (ie CAN-SPAM Act), and all other anti-spam laws. rev'pod™ reserves the right to suspend or remove affiliates from our affiliate program at any time, without warning. Upon termination you agree to discontinue use of all links, logos, banners and promotional materials provided to you by rev'pod™ or Refersion. Affiliates terminated due to malicious publishing tactics will also have commissions revoked and face possible omission from the Refersion network.



1. Overview

This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to you becoming a rev'pod™ Advocate. The purpose of this Agreement is to allow a link between your web site and the web site. Please note that throughout this Agreement, "we," "us," and "our" refer to Rous Squared, LLC and "you," "your," and "yours" refer to the affiliate. 

2. Affiliate Obligations

2.1. We may reject your application at our sole discretion. We may cancel your application if we determine that your site is unsuitable for our Program, including if it:
2.1.1. Promotes sexually explicit materials 
2.1.2. Promotes violence 
2.1.3. Promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
2.1.4. Promotes illegal activities 
2.1.5. Incorporates any materials which infringe or assist others to infringe on any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights or to violate the law 
2.1.6. Includes "Merchant" or variations or misspellings thereof in its domain name 
2.1.7. Is otherwise in any way unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable to us in our sole discretion. 
2.1.8. Contains software downloads that potentially enable diversions of commission from other affiliates in our program. 
2.1.9. You may not create or design your website or any other website that you operate, explicitly or implied in a manner which resembles our website nor design your website in a manner which leads customers to believe you are rev'pod™ or any other affiliated business.

2.2. Rous Squared, LLC reserves the right, at any time, to review your placement and approve the use of Your Links and require that you change the placement or use to comply with the guidelines provided to you.

2.5. It is entirely your responsibility to follow all applicable intellectual property and other laws that pertain to your site. You must have express permission to use any person's copyrighted material, whether it be a writing, an image, or any other copyright-able work. We will not be responsible (and you will be solely responsible) if you use another person's copyrighted material or other intellectual property in violation of the law or any third party rights.


3.1. Each party owns and shall retain all right, title and interest in its names, logos, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, copyrights and proprietary technology, including, without limitation, those names, logos, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, copyrights and proprietary technology currently used or which may be developed and/or used by it in the future.12.2. We grant you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, license to use the graphic image and text, which may include our name, logos, trademarks, service marks (collectively, the "rev'pod"), designated in the Offer, only as provided to you through the rev'pod™ Advocate Program and solely for the purpose of creating links from your Emails and Site to our Site pursuant to this Agreement. Except as expressly set forth in this Agreement or permitted by applicable law, you may not copy, distribute, modify, reverse engineer, or create derivative works from the same. You may not sublicense, assign or transfer any such licenses for the use of the same, and any attempt at such sublicense, assignment or transfer is void. Any prominent use of the rev'pod™ Marks on your Site must be approved by rev'pod™ prior to publishing. We may revoke your license at any time by giving you written notice.

3.2. As a condition to your acceptance and participation in the Program, you agree not undertake or engage in the following practices, and any violation of this Section shall be deemed a material breach of this Agreement:

(a) Use or otherwise incorporate the word "rev'pod" or variations or misspellings in the domain name(s) of your Site(s), on any meta tags of Web pages comprising your Site, or in advertising or searchable keywords where your ad outranks ours;

(b) Modify or alter rev'pod's Site in any way;

Furthermore, upon rev'pod's request, you shall immediately remove from your Site any Link to our Site which is displayed on a page which we, in our sole discretion, deem objectionable.

3.3. Pay Per Click Search Engine Placement Policy: Affiliates ARE NOT permitted to outbid for placement on any search terms or any variation of our brand trademark, at any time, in any search engine. 

To administer this policy, we will enforce the following:

- Publishers that violate these rules could be deactivated from the program immediately.

- Publishers that do not remove their listings within 2 calendar days could be subject to legal action.

- Publishers that do not follow the correction policy will be removed from the program immediately and forfeit all commission currently owed.


We are excited to have you on the team and look forward to reviewing your application!!

xoxo Team rev'pod™